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TEMA HS 8 Hot strip tank and basket


The HS 4 Stainless Steel chemical hot stripping tank comes with

a full-length basket that can hold a minimum of 4 wheels.

The baskets construction allows you to crane the wheels out of

the chemical without the need to touch the wheels, removing the

risk of splashing from dropping the wheel through slippage.

Furthermore, the mesh removes between 85-90% of the paint film

depending on chemical used, helping to keep the tank clean

from debris.

Suited to large or small workshops.



The tank can be used to submerge wheels in a basket into hot

chemical heated to 85c by means of a hot jacket for stripping paint film.

The sealed lid is air operated to reduce the vapour rush to the operator




• External dimensions                             1700 width x 1000 height x 2000 Length

• Internal Dimensions                              1240 width x 700 height x 1300 Length

• Basket dimensions                                1200 width x 630 height x 1220 Length

• Capacity                                                   950-1050 litres working level (approx.)

• Temperature Stability                             < ± 3-5°C                  

• Ventilation required                                805 m3/h                             

• Electrical requirement Start up             12 kw

• Electrical requirement running              7 kw

• Operating temperature                           85c  

• Temperature Stability                             < ± 3-5°C