I have recently been visited by a competitor's company representative informing me that their parent company supplys the leading wheel manufacturers and that they can offer much cheaper prices than yours and that I should swop over to gain such benefits.

Unfortunately it is often the larger companies representatives that revert to trying to discredit competition, We have also heard of this pratice so I will try to enlighten you, our products are not the cheapest and without us bringing them to market, the market as we know it would probably not exsist, we are a small but very Knowlegable company always investing in the future, the manufacturing lines are not always supplied by the larger chemical companies as you would believe. Furthermore you will be informed that some products such as TGIC containing products are harmfull to your health and you should cease to use them, whilst they themselves manufacture and supply such products in far east Asia,Korea and Turkey. Whilst care needs to be taken when using all powder coats and such procautions as wearing masks and overalls is recommended, it is the manufacturing process that is harmfull.

Is it true that only Acyrlic Clear should be used on Alloy wheels ?

Acrylic Clear is a very good and proven product, however with the recent advanced development of polyester hybrids there is somethings little to see between them, Manufacturers are using both Acrylic and Polyester clear coats. However it is worth pointing out that greater film thickness is achieved with a single coat of polyester giving greater film thickness and protection.

I had a visit from a powder coat rep recently who said that your products are just others relabelled?

Any products sold by large companies are in fact not made by them selves and are actually toll made by smaller companies that are specialists in their field , so it may surprise you to know that this is the case for the company that visited you. We source our products world wide and have them made for us, we go to great lengths to provide products that work and is not one that is not just an off the shelf industrial product.  Every body has a choice and we hope common sense will prevail