Hyper Silvers

We are asked Questions about Hyper, Power & Super Silvers on a regular basis so here are a few Questions and replies:

Q. I have purchased a number of so called hyper silvers and each time I use them I have problems, they pickle and react to the repaired areas.

A. This is because the repaired area is not fully cured; Hyper Silvers contain 90-95 Solvent and little solid product. Try to heat the wheel before application and get it as hot as possible, use a Thermo heat gun to test the surface temperature before application. Note: On the production lines Hyper Silvers are applied at 80c so apply thin coats to a fully cured and heated surface for best results. Try the waterbased products first as they are not as volatile.

Q. I cannot seem to get rid of the flatting marks under the Hyper Silvers, no matter how much I put on. What am I doing wrong as this is the first time I have used this type of paint?

A. Hyper Silver is an effect paint and as such has no build qualities; you should make sure the surface is free from dirt inclusions and flatting marks. Flat with 2000 wet & dry and polish the area’s to a high gloss, Hyper silvers are rich in solvents to allow cross adhesion.

Q. I have been using Hyper Silvers for a few years with variable results, the most frustrating part is when I apply the clearcoat to a fantastic finish then it turns a grey colour or just like a normal metallic silver.

A. This is a common problem, there are a couple of reasons for this, as the Hyper Silvers are rich in solvent the application must be fully cured prior to clearcoat. Secondly it is advisable to use a HS clearcoat which is low in solvent and therefore reduces the likely hood of solvent saturation which can, if over applied can move the Hyper Silvers. The waterbased Hyper & Power Silvers are less prone to moving and greying.