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As a Large BMW Bodyshop we found it difficult to match the latest colours and was consistently under pressure from Insurance companies to repair as to replace, I am pleased to say that since using your paints we can confidently undertake the very latest colours and have improved our margins. As a result all our used vehicles are refurbished. On another note our painters were very impressed with the training they received.

(Operations Manager Approved BMW Bodyshop)

Thank you for taking the time to tell us.


I purchased a failed fully kitted mobile wheel refurbishing van, having undergone training by yourselves and seen your products working I can only say I made the right choice when I choose Wheelpaints in just 6 weeks I have established a Firm customer base due to the confidence of the processes and extra equipment I purchased thanks for you all your help and on-going support.

(Mark Scotland)

Your success is our success thank you for taking the time to tell us.


I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me turn my business around in such a short time, I have been in the wheel refurbishing trade for many years and struggled with colours and techniques. I was very dubious about using your company as I felt I probably knew more than you, how wrong I was in the space of 3 months I have increased my turnover and profit by 35%? Keep up the good work.

(Home Counties, Name withheld due to hawking)

Thank you for your comment.

I had been using a couple of well-known brands of automotive paint for our wheel repair operations and as a result suffered delamination on a grand scale which cost me accounts and a small fortune, I e-mailed Stan and after a long conversation I was convinced to undertake comparisons. To date the Wheelpaints products have out produced the brand names and now I save a fortune, thank you for your advice.

(This Heckler from the Midlands was sickened by his experience of automotive alternatives)

We often receive letters like the above and have recently stopped publishing them with names as our competitors contact them direct. We are also informed on a regular basis what our competitors say about us not all good I can assure you, however we would just like to say we treat our customers both large and small how we would like to be treated and if this causes our competitors concern and to call us names well we must be doing them right and if this hurts tough.

I have had problems matching some Vauxhall, Mercedes and Volvo wheels, it is a very bright silver with no metallic, it is not a pearl as I had been advised by another company? I cannot seem to find this colour anywhere can you advise.


The answer is yes, yes, yes, it would appear you are referring to either Power Silver or Super Silver these are used on the later models of the manufacturers you mentioned. The Mercedes is referred to as Sterling Silver in their wheel catalogue.


We have been thinking of setting up a small powdercoating side to our van operations, we understand that your company may have been involved in similar projects; can you assist us and give us a price???

(Les: Company name not to be disclosed)

Thank you for your enquiry, you are correct in the assumption, a lot of equipment required for such an operation is of a specialist nature and we would recommend a new build oven which is specific for alloy wheel refurbing. Our products (powders and polyesters are proven in the alloy wheel manufacture and refurbishment world)work with specific equipment if you are serious about such an operation we do not advise you purchase equipment prior to a consultation by our technical team.


 Do you produce a Colour Swatch?

Adam (Aston)

We recommend making your own colour swatch with spray out cards.

I used the Sports 1 Silver on some Jaguar S type wheels and the Deutsche Silver on a Porsche 4S as advised by yourselves the matches were fantastic the paint dried quickly great, can’t wait for the specialist colour catalogue.

Simon (The Wheel Repairer)

Thank you Simon we will start to list shortly.

Since I started to use your products I have not had to look anywhere else. It’s great I can concentrate on my work knowing my orders arrive on time and the colours are spot on, everything I need is there. Well done, great site.

JD (Suffolk)

Thank you for your repeat orders and comment.


I own quite a large company and have monthly accounts with a number of companies. I am aware you supply powders to other companies, can II open an account with Wheelpaints?

(Manchester name withheld)

Thank you for your enquiry, we do hold accounts for large volume users which are subject to financial checks should you wish to open an account please enquire for further information.