Powder Coating Facts

Our Alloy wheel powder primers, paints, and clearcoat powders have been developed in conjunction with Alloy wheel manufacturers around the World and are used on the production lines , here are just a few benefits of using our products-;

  • Perfect cross adhesion properties between the liquid metallic base over these primers
  • very good non-gassing properties on the Alloy
  • Medium-low reactivity (10 min @ 180°C) metal temp
  • High gloss and very good flow to highlight the basecoat or final chrome effect
  • Possibility to re-coat the product over itself (is possible to recover the painting cycle 2 times)
  • Suitable both for tribo and corona application
  •  Fulfils the corrosion test requirements of car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Audi  Fiat, Alfa etc.
  • Cass test > 240h with corrosion below 1mm

Questions and answers

Q. Why should I use your powder as a wheel primer rather than the powders I already use?  from Anon

We thought our R&D manager was best equipped to answer this question as he knows a bit about our powder.

A. “Assuming from the question you are a powder-coater who wants to look more seriously at doing wheel refurbishment, and  therefore you already use a range of powders to provide single coat finishes to a range of metals, there are very many reasons why you should use our powder primers and certainly not risk using those you have.”

The following Key points that come to mind are listed below –

  1. Wheelpaints powder primers are engineered for approved and are successfully used ONLY in the alloy wheel OE and refurbishment wheel market place for many years.
  2. Wheelpaints powder primers are specifically formulated to have exceptional adhesion, corrosion and chip resistance necessary in the harsh environment wheels are used in.
  3. Wheelpaints powder primers compensate for porosity/gassing in alloy wheels & have superior flow-out on all types of aluminium multi-spoked wheels, providing the perfect base for colour/lacquer.
  4. Wheelpaints powder primers are “low bake” powder chemistry reducing stoving times and temperatures.
  5. Wheelpaints powder primers are particle size managed to give optimum application properties.
  6. Wheelpaints powder primers use high quality pigments providing excellent opacity/coverage.
  7. Wheelpaints powder primers do not contain high levels of cheapening agents CaCO3 and/or BASO4 commonly found in standard powders which can wear out gun parts and reduce gloss and/or flow causing “orange peel”
    An added bonus of this is that our powders low specific gravity which equals more quantity of powder per Kilo important when considering you buy by weight not volume!
  8. Wheelpaints powder primer colours are, optimised to blend with our Silver basecoats to avoid contrast and reduce wet paint use & also incorporate high quality pigments to give colour durability and opacity.
  9. Wheelpaints powder primers are Polyester chemistry so are therefore UV stable when exposed to sunlight and as such the Black, Anthracite and White can be used as a one-coat durable UV resistant finish.
    NB. Epoxy and Epoxy Polyester chemistry powders normally fade and require lacquering with UV protective lacquers if liable to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
    Polyester powders are traditionally used on radiators due to their excellent heat resistance/colour stability; therefore they are ideal for use on today’s cars where brakes can get extremely hot & also importantly to avoid colour differences due to different baking cycles especially with lighter colours.
  10. Wheelpaints powder primers have excellent adhesion to themselves to allow re-coating should the need arise.
  11. Wheelpaints powder primers are formulated to give excellent inter-coat adhesion with our base-coats and lacquers without the need to “key” – yet they are also formulated to allow defects to be “flatted” out and repaired easily without effecting basecoat appearance or adhesion properties.
  12. What’s more Wheelpaints powder primers are available in pack sizes of 5kg, 10kg and 20kg to suit????

In summary, I hope the above explains why you should only use our powders formulated specially for coating alloy wheels with the comfort and knowledge that you are buying a proven and very successful product.

And by successful we mean not only looking good but staying on.