Wheel Silvers

Q. I currently operate 2 mobile vans and the products I use are different from the products I use in our static Workshop, on top of this I am looking to implement powdercoating which I am informed will require different products again. This will mean I have lots of different variations of silvers.

A. Our Wheel Silver Basecoats are designed to be used for both the powder coating process as well as normal wet application processes. The Silver Basecoats are exactly the same when produced, the transit solutions determines which process it can be used for i.e. 2 different basecoat thinners are used, Normal & Modified.

The Powdercoating process uses (modified Polyester Thinner)

Apply powder coat primer, then apply the Silver Basecoat coat thinned 2:1 with modified polyester thinner and then a powder coat lacquer. These

Silver Basecoats are referred to as Modified Polyesters Silvers.

Modified Polyester Silvers are wet application and do not burn during the heat process as used in powder coating.

Wet coat application Process

Prime the substrate with a solvent or 2 component Primer and allow to dry, flat the surface as required to get the desired results.

Apply the Silver Basecoat thinned 2:1 with normal basecoat thinner allow to flash off and paint with either a 1K clear lacquer or a 2 K clear lacquer.

The silver basecoats are exactly the same in colour so there is no need to have an array of different products.

Q. If I have cause to leave the powder coating process to cool overnight can I use 2K lacquer or do I need to use Powder Clear?

You can use either as the basecoat remains open for 24 hours re- heating for powdercoating will however reduce that window of time and it is recommended a further application of basecoat is applied to obtain cross adhesion between coats.

Q. I started my powdercoating business using your products, my workshop manager got some better prices with different products and we have used a combination of products, over the past year we have had a number of wheels back which have either corroded or the paint has lifted what are we doing wrong??

Hmm: this is an area we are often asked to resolve, it is generally a question of incompatible and inferior products, our primers contain anti corrosive properties combined with anti-gassing agents that meet the manufacturers specifications, I would advise going back to square one it sounds a cheaper alternative.