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Wheelpaints is a unique site that caters only for alloy wheel refurbishers both large and small. Our paints & powder coat products are formulated and tested for alloy wheels.

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Alloy Wheels

Passion. Creativity. State-of-the-art technology.

That's just a small part of what goes into each and every Alloy wheel. For more than 30 years, Wheel Manufacturers have been producing award-winning, soundly engineered wheels for car enthusiasts the world over. But there's no resting on yesterday's laurels.

Wheelpaints are constantly introducing new colours and products, because technology is in constant evolution and to stay on top in such a fast growing industry, manufacturers are always working toward enhancing a wide range of products and production methods to give the end user the best quality possible.

Alloy wheels aren't just good-looking.

The Wheel paint finishes are meticulously researched, refined and tested some are manufactured using very special techniques and paint finishes which sets one wheel apart no only in looks but performance as well.

Before we release a product for sale you can rest assured it has undertaken an extensive structural and abrasion finish test, salt testing, cross adhesion of surface paint coats and film thickness have all been considered to ensure optimal performance and reliability from the wheel paint coating.

Manufacturers pay strict attention to Quality Standards, so when you refurbish or refinish alloy wheels due to kerb damage doesn't it make sense to replace the protective coating with the very same paints that are applied to the alloy wheel during Manufacture.

There are no shortcuts to quality. Without quality, you can't expect to cultivate loyalty or longevity. That's why wheelpaints e-shop supply tried and tested paints, which have followed specific standards as required by the world's leading car manufacturers.

Use the Alloy Wheel Paints that the manufacturers use




I have tried many of the offerings in the marke place and that includes some big names in the powder coat supply but I must confess Wheelpaint products constantly delivertime after time Kirk, Hampshire : Body repair Centre & Specialist Coatings 


Thanks for the advice re Winter Thinner. I don't use Rocket now and my wheels dry super quick and glossy all the time. - Roy, Gloucs, Wheel refurbisher.

The expoxy putty is absolutly brilliant, both for ordinary wheels and powder coating no popping at 210°C. Thanks for the advice saved a fortune on welding. - Sammy, Yorkshire, Powdercoater.

Just a quick message to say thanks. Used both products now and am really pleased with the results, far better quality than the previous supplier. Will definitely be using you all the time from now on. - Adrian, Glasgow

  Our paints are manufactured specifically for alloys wheels they are not sorced from Automotive car body mixing Schemes thats why you can rest assured our paints will not burn when powder coated at 200c 

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